Ramsden Street
United Reformed Church

Ramsden Street
The History of Ramsden Street
The Church was founded in 1864 by a group of Whitehaven fishermen who moved to Walney Island. They joined the Churches of Christ and some years later moved into the town centre.

Membership was gained by Believer's Baptism whilst there was a service of Thanksgiving and Blessing for infants.

In 1915 the present building was bought from the Railway Mission. This consisted of the Church and a small kitchen/boiler room and an outside toilet and coal shed.

In 1972 a small extension was built - our Community Room, kitchen and toilets.

In 1981 the Church, along with the majority of the Churches of Christ, joined the United Reformed Church. There are now additional services of Infant Baptism and Confirmation available.

United Area LogoAlong with Dalton and Urswick United Reformed Churches, Ramsden Street is now part of the South West Cumbria United Area of Methodist and United Reformed Churches. A close relationship between the Churches has developed over the past thirteen years and so from September 1st 2010 we are now officially a United Area.

A Celebration Service was held on September 20th when a representative from each of the Churches signed a 'Declaration of our Unity' document. A new logo has been designed for all the Churches to use.

OrganolaThe organ in our Church is an organola and originally belonged to the last Bishop of Barrow who lived in Aldingham Hall - now a Residential Care Home.

We have several rolls which can be played. They are mostly hymns and Christmas Carols but we do have the 1812 Overture and Dvorak's Humoresque.

Since the electric motor was added many years ago, it is now possible for the rolls to be played without anyone having to use the pedals.

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