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Friday April 5th from 6pm until 7:30pm.

Fun and Games July 2017
We played games including beetle, word games, card games and we had ice cream for our snack.

Good Shepherd June 2017
We played a game to find some lost sheep, and learned about Jesus being the Good Shepherd.


Christian Aid May 2017
We talked about Christian Aid and Christian Aid Week and how they support the people most in need around the world to find a safe place to live. We used Christain Aid Week activities to help us learn.

We used a birds nest box as an example of a safe place to live.


Palm Sunday April 2017
We talked about Palm Sunday and made a poster.

The Lost Son March 2017
We played a game finding lost pigs. We listened to a story about the lost son and made models to tell the story. The models are going to be displayed at the Bible Stories at Trinity Church Centre Monday 27th March to Saturday 1st April betwenn 9am and 5pm. Why not go and have a look ?

Seeing things differently February 2017
We looked at some illusion pictures and we could all see different things in them. We read the beginning of Isaiah chapter 58 and acted it out to make a video. This told us how the people thought they were pleasing God but God saw the things they did differently. God told them (and us) how we should be kind to others and care for each other.

Hands January 2017
We talked about the good things and bad things we can do with our hands. We learned about all the good things Jesus did with his hands and listened to a Bible story. We made models with our hands and used our hands to make a poster. We sang 'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands' and 'He's got the whole world in his hands'. We played a game and had refreshments.


Christmas December 2016
We made Christmas decorations and had lots of fun decorating the Christmas tree. We had a little sing and we had a story with a word search. We played 'Santa beetle' and did a Christmas spot the difference, which was very hard, but we managed to do it !


Remembrance Day November 2016
We played a game where we had to remember items on a tray after the tray was covered, and talked about Remembrance Day.

We played a treasure hunt game finding hidden bird pictures around the Church.

We made Origami Japanese Peace Cranes to give out to the congregation on Remembrance Sunday after hearing the story of Sadako Sasaki and made a poster with Cranes and feathers.

peace cranes

peace cranes

Harvest October 2016
In October we joined everyone for the Harvest Supper followed by a short Harvest Service. A tinned Harvest was donated to the homeless shelter and the foodbank, and the offering was sent to Christian Aid.

Harvest Preparation September 2016
We made wheat decorations and scarecrow faces to decorate for the church for harvest. We played the chocolate game and enjoyed refreshments.


Fun and Games August 2016
This month we played a variety of games and enjoyed hot dogs.

Fruits July 2016
We talked about things that make us kind and good people and learned about the 'fruits of the spirit'. We made a poster with a fruitbowl and enjoyed fruit for our refreshments.


Wonderful Worms May 2016
Today at FACTORS we learned about families in Bangladesh and how worms help them. We watched a DVD about how Christian Aid help families by giving them worms to make compost so that they can grow vegetables. We ate 'worms' for our refreshments !

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The Wedding at Cana April 2016
We have been thinking about celebrations. We had music, dancing, food and 'wine'. We listened to the story of The Wedding at Cana when Jesus turned water into wine.



Moses in the bulrushes March 2016
We learnt about Moses in the bulrushes story and made a display about it to be shown at the Bible Stories Exhibition at Trinity. We had lots of fun making it.


Bible Stories February 2016
We thought about our favourite stories and then about Bible stories. We split into two teams and acted out our stories for the other team to guess. Then we talked about a few Bible stories that had fish in them and made colourful fish. We talked about trust and how we need to trust God. We played a trust game when the children were blindfolded and had to trust the adults as they fed them a variety of foods, the children then guessed what each food was but realised they had to trust the adults not to give them anything too horrible!


Christmas and New Year Party January 2016
After a busy Christmas and New Year, we met and played games and had some party food for our snack.

Children in Need November 2015

We had a children in need themed FACTORS. We played Pudsey 'beetle' game and decorated Pudsey biscuits. We talked about children that are in need in our country and around the world and made a poster. We sang When I needed a neighbour and He's got the whole world in his hands and we had lots of fun!


Beetle and Pudding October 2015
We all enjoyed a fun evening with our friends at Dalton. We played games of Beetle and shared some delicious puddings. Thank you to our hosts at Wellington Street for inviting us to join them. We had a great time.

Puppets October 2015
We made spoon puppets to do with a story we read which was about Jesus healing people. We played a hand action game and prayed for lonely people and those who are feeling left out.


Fishing September 2015
We talked about how we travelled on our holidays. We made paper boats and tested how long they floated. We had a story about Jesus calling the fishermen to follow him. We played a fishing game and had fish shapes and chips for our snack.


The Food Bank May 2015
Today we learned about Foodbanks and how we should help them. We made a collage with different food wrappers on to show the different varieties of food we eat daily and how we are so lucky.


Saint George and Christian Aid April 2015
We learned about Dabo and Christian Aid and how important Cows are to the community in Africa.

We played a cow game and did a maze.

We talked about St George, the patron saint of England, and coloured some pictures.


Easter March 2015
We had all just broken up from school for the Easter holidays so we were thinking about different things that reminded us of Easter.

We made 6 posters one had fireworks on and another had flowers on.

We played a game when it was a race between two teams to find different things.

We sang This is the Day and had shakers to use as well.

There were little Easter bunnies hiding under the biscuits for our snack.

The posters were used with this one in our Easter Celebrations Service on Easter Sunday.

Bunting Making February 2015
We had fun making some bunting, we all helped to make it and we put it up in the porch.


We played an alphabet game that was brought in by a group member.

We talked about Fairtrade and ate Fairtrade Kitkats for our snack !

Happy Faces January 2015


When we met in January we talked about people and things that made us happy.

We made smiley face badges and a collage of happy faces, you can see this on the picture.

Our game was animal families and we ate 'happy face' biscuits for our snack.

Then we sang 'I am H-A-P-P-Y' and 'If your happy and you know it clap your hands' before we went home.

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